On Pay-Per-View!

On Pay-Per-View!
Sunday 30th April 2119 - Black and Blue Bruisers Auditorium, Black Eye Galaxy M64

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

GWF: War Zone

26th March 2119 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - Vin Strutter, Kill Prey, The Amazing Mann, Steele Freak & Shann-Ra are in the ring.
"Galaxian Wrestling Federation!" bellows Strutter. "Welcome to the Greatest Show in the Galaxy...and I don't mean War Zone! I mean...us! We are the Greatest Show in the Galaxy, and we'll be here to entertain you, through all of the jabronis that fill out the rest of the pathetic little locker room out there. Especially those mongrol, mutated miscreants the Ani-Men of Andromeda!"

Latasha vs Thrash
Thrash wins by pinfall via Femme Fatal

"Now that the Tag-Titles are vacant..." said Swarm. "They're anyone's for the taking...and they are coming home to Andromeda!"

The Fighting Titans [Payback & Tristan] vs The Betrayer & Sly Drury
The Fighting Titans win by pinfall via Arcana

Backstage, Disaster is threating and Interview Bot, and is about to pound it through a wall, when...

...Lorelei and Thrash appear. Thrash pulls back Disaster's arm, and the Interview Bot is able to run away to safety.
"Why don't you fight someone your own size?" asks Thrash. "I mean...that'd be hard, sure...but how about next week, you and that Aethran skank Thrash step into the ring with us two? Wouldn't that be a better use of your abilities than pummelling some defenceless little droid?"
Diaster grunts and shoves them out of the way, before storming off.

Paralyze vs Valour
Paralyze wins by DQ via Brawling

Muss & The Bomb - with Phantasy - come down to the ring and slate Stars and Stripes.

Shann-Ra vs She-Devil
She-Devil wins by pinfall via Cannonball Clothesline

Havoc runs into Reckless backstage and the two agree to a match next week on War Zone.

Stars & Stripes [American Guy & U.S. Male]
The Troubleshooters [Muss & The Bomb] (accompanied by Phantasy)
The Troubleshooters win by pinfall via Trouble Times Two

Tanck (w/Thantos) vs Anivar (w/Tauran)
Tanck wins by DQ when Tauran breaks a pinfall.
Monday 3rd April - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

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