On Pay-Per-View!

On Pay-Per-View!
Sunday 30th April 2119 - Black and Blue Bruisers Auditorium, Black Eye Galaxy M64

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

GWF: War Zone

Monday 30th April 2119 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Genesis are in the locker room.
"Yo, everyone! You're watching Galaxian Wrestling Federation War Zonem, coming at you live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena on Mars!"

American Guy (w/Latasha) vs Steele Freak
American Guy wins by DQ after Steele Freak goes beserk and smashes the Spanish Announce Team's desk.

The Troubleshooters are backstage, and run their mouth about Stars and Stripes.

Genesis [Tauran & Anivar] vs The Colonizers [Epoch & Slave Beast]
The Colonizers win by pinfall via The Dark Age

She-Devil gets into Shann-Ra's face in the cantina. Shann-Ra shoves her away and refuses to talk to her.

Minotaur (w/Antak) vs Amazing Mann (w/Vin Strutter)
Amazing Mann wins by DQ when Antak gets into the ring and breaks a pin

Vin Strutter gets on the mic. "It seems we have a bunch of losers here who are totally unable to play by the rules. If that's how you want to play...how about at Last Resort, we have a little Cage Match between Minotaur and Amazing Mann? Are you game for that, Minotaur? Facing the master of escape, without any assistance from your little mongrel buddies?!"

"It's on!" cries Minotaur.

Havoc (w/Paralyze) vs Reckless
Reckless wins by pinfall via Flying Hazard
After the match, Paralyze attacks reckless, whipping him with a leather strap.
Reckless is unconcious and needs help leaving the arena.

Switchblade & Lorelei vs Disaster & Thrash
Disaster & Thrash win by pinfall via Femme Fatale
Thrash continues to attack Lorelei after the bell, busting her open, and leaving her bleeding in the ring.

Betrayer (w/Thantos) vs Payback
Betrayer wins by pinfall via All Fall Down
Monday 10th April - Alphard Dungeon, Hydra

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