On Pay-Per-View!

On Pay-Per-View!
Sunday 30th April 2119 - Black and Blue Bruisers Auditorium, Black Eye Galaxy M64

Thursday, 15 October 2015

GWF: War Zone

Monday 17th April 2119 - Aquarian Aqua Amphitheater, Aquarius

Bloodline exits his Hover-Limo and makes his way through the Docking Bay. As he reaches the entrance, however, two masked men rush and attack him with steel chairs. Bloodline is left battered and unconscious on the Docking Bay floor. EMTs rush to his assistance...

Center Stage [Amazing Mann & Steele Freak] vs AniMen Invasion [Antak & Minotaur]
AniMen Invasion win by pinfall via Minotaur Charge

Lorelei and Thantos run into each other backstage. "Lorelei," says Thantos. "It's a real shame what happened to Bloodline. I guess your boys are going to be a man down for the match tonight. Reckon they can still lock us out of the titles at Last Restort?"
Lorelei feigns confusion. "No, we still have a four man team, Thantos. I'll be joining the Federation Defense Fighters Team, tonight. And I look forward to whooping all of their asses."

Anivar vs Valour
Valour wins by pinfall via Sunset Flip

"Ladies and gentlemen!" announces Vin Strutter. "No-one can say that the GWF isn't home to The Greatest Show on Earth! This time, next week, in this very ring the incredible monster Steele Freak will decimate, destroy and discombobulate the feeble feckless...finsect...Antak!"

Stars & Stripes [American Guy & U.S. Male] (w/Latasha)
The Troubleshooters [The Bomb & Muss] (w/Phantasy)
The Troubleshooters win by pinfall via Trouble Times Two

Lorelei and Switchblade are having a meeting with Commissioner Massif.
"Okay...here's what we'll do," says the Commissioner. "Next week on Warzone, Lorelei will face Thrash...and Switchblade you want Sly Drury in a No DQ Match? Well, if that's what you want, that's what you'll get."

She Devil vs Thrash
She Devil wins by pinfall via Cannonball Clothesline

The Troubleshooters are celebrating their win backstage, and slate Stars & Stripes.

Kill Prey (w/Vin Strutter) vs Swarm
Kill Prey wins by pinfall via Falling Net
As Kill Prey is celebrating his victory, Swarm attacks him from behind and nails him with the Hornet's Sting.
Kill Prey needs EMTs, and is injured.
Swarm has been suspended.

Federation Defense Fighters [Lorelei, Payback, Switchblade & Tristan]
The GameMasters [The Betrayer, Encubus, Sly Drury & Tanck] (w/Thantos)
The Federation Defense Fighters win by pinfall via TitanPower
As the FDF are celebrating, Thantos throws a chair to Tanck. Tanck whacks Tristan across the head with it, before attacking his knee. He runs after the FDF come to Tristan's rescue.
Tristan is injured.
Tanck is suspended.
Monday 24th April 2119 - Beehive, The Praesepae, Cancer

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