On Pay-Per-View!

On Pay-Per-View!
Sunday 30th April 2119 - Black and Blue Bruisers Auditorium, Black Eye Galaxy M64

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

GWF: War Zone

Monday 10th April 2119 - Alphard Dungeon, Hydra

"GWF! Payback and I are super excited about our match tonight against The Troubleshooters. It's great to be able to compete against one of the finest tag-teams in wrestling today, and I ho-OOF!"

Tanck comes in from behind and shoves him to the ground.
"Shut up, pipsqueak. If you want competition, you need to face the Society of Death! We are the single most dominant tag-team in the GWF! Loser!"

Disaster & Thrash vs The Colonizers
Disaster & Thrash win by pinfall via Rampage

The Federation Defense Fighters come down to the ring.
"Gamesmasters! You throw your weight around, and you claim to run the GWF! Well, last time we checked, we were still defending it from pieces of garbage like you. So, here's what we're going to do. Next week, we're going to have a eight-man tag match...we want to see you put your money where your mouth is!" cries Bloodline.

The Gamesmasters come down to the entrance ramp.
"OKay..." says Thantos. "If you want an eight-man tag match, we can do an eight-man tag-match. But how about this...whichever team loses, is not eligible to compete in the matches for either the tag-team or heavyweight titles at GWF: Last Resort?"

"Thantos," Bloodline says, "That sounds like a damn fine deal to me."

She Devil vs Shann-Ra
Shann-Ra wins by pinfall via Machete

"We are the Gladiators of Aethra!" cries Disaster, "And we will be taking home all of the titles in the GWF!"

U.S. Male vs Kill Prey
Kill Prey wins by pinfall via Falling Net

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" cries Vin Strutter. "We are The Greatest Show on Earth! None in the Galaxian Wrestling Federation can compete! Tonight you have already seen the Amazonian Warrior Shann-Ra and the hunting master Kill Prey dominate the GWF! Let me tell you, fans...things will only get bigger and better! That's right...we're going to show you how to eliminate the AniMen of Andromeda!"

Betrayer vs American Guy
American Guy wins by pinfall via American Firepower

After the match, American Guy is joined by U.S. Male. They get on the mic and challenge The Troubleshooters to a match on next week's War Zone!

The Troubleshooters vs Fighting Titans
The match is ruled a no-contest when it degrades into a brawl in the ringside area.

Swarm vs Encubus (w/Thantos)
Encubus wins by pinfall via Encubus Crucifix
Monday 17th April 2119 - Aquarian Aqua Amphitheater, Aquarius

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